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We are no longer seeking individuals for a career in automotive repair at this time. 

Browse this page for more information on the previously partnered project.

The Tire Project

The Tire Project is an intensive pre-employment program that prepares north Flint residents for entry-level positions as tire technicians in automotive repair centers through a nine-hour hands-on training program. The purpose is to provide participants with an immediate skill set for the workplace with the potential for career advancement.

Participants will learn the skills and knowledge needed to be a tire technician trainee. The curriculum will teach the fundamentals of the position ranging from tire inspection to customer service and salesmanship skills. Participants will receive hands-on experience using the core pieces of technology used in every retail tire repair center. 


Flint Innovative Solutions partnered with Delta Tire to provide the training. Jim Krupa from Delta Tire lead the training in the tire center, providing hands-on instruction on every aspect of tire repair. Delta Tire is located at 3476 S. Saginaw Street in Burton.

Flint Innovative Solutions is no longer seeking  individuals for a career in automotive repair at this time.

Participation in The Tire Project included:

  • Eight hours of hands-on training in a busy auto repair facility

  • $150 for completing the training and submitting needed documentation

  • Job placement assistance

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